Knowing God Part 1 – Finding God, Knowing Him, and Doing His Works


This message was taught in Nyagatare, north eastern Rwanda on May third, 2005.


Much thanks to you for your exceptionally warm gladly received. At night of last evening Bishop Bernard Munanira and his better half and others were lounging around the table discussing what we could do today? The minister suggested that I do some showing on the most proficient method to stroll with Jesus Christ; how to stroll in the realm of paradise; how to walk prepared for the Lord to return to the world.


I consider one the best things to recollect is that in the event that we can live in paradise here on the planet, then we will experience our best both now and until the end of time. Now and again when we are forlorn and we are very discouraged in ourselves, we bow our heads. At times when the aggravation is a lot on us, we conceal ourselves away totally and we  Buy white runtz online   simply roll up into a little ball and we don’t believe anyone should track down us.


However, Jesus maintains that us should be an entire individual and Jesus needs to make us develop. So be it? Furthermore, Jesus places his Spirit into us. So be it? Furthermore, when he places his Spirit into us and we begin to come to chapel and we pay attention to the minister’s guidance and a portion of the guidance is somewhat unforgiving with us, however the minister says, “There is one within you who is more prominent than the world and he that is on the planet (1 John 4:4)!” And you trust him; and make a little streeeetch to that thought.


You can extend a tad. Not much. In any case, you can develop a tiny bit of touch. For instance, you continue to come to chapel, and you change yourself with a little discipline, and inevitably you contemplate internally, “Indeed, I have grown somewhat, very much like the minister said, however that is enough for me. I don’t have to extend anything else than this that I have proactively done.”


We think, “I’m a Christian now, and I can take a gander at those individuals who are not extended and they are unique in relation to me. I am so magnificent thus great, I have extended a smidgen.”


However at that point the Lord tells you, “You should accomplish much more. You should turn into a renewed individual. You should not only be the old individual who has extended in their demeanor a smidgen. The old individual must really die and a totally different individual should be conceived.”


Be that as it may, you think, “Indeed, however I have previously sufficiently extended!”


According to he, “No, no, no. I will extend you much more.”


Furthermore, God brings you into circumstances that challenge you and you begin to extend, similar to all your reality is being extended and stressed just to oblige the new things and the better approaches for thinking.


You ponder internally, “Goodness, don’t do that to me God. Try not to extend me, Lord! It’s better similar to I was previously. Before you at any point came into my life. I was blissful how I was…well, pretty much cheerful. You know God, sin isn’t genuinely terrible. It’s superior to this extending you’re doing to me!


However, the Lord says, “No, no. Pay attention to your heart. Come and loosen up here with Me, where I am.”


After a little you yield and you truly do extend a smidgen. You begin to trust God. Then, at that point, after a short time you contemplate internally, “This is entirely great! Life is preferable around here over previously. Despite the fact that the stretch was really abnormal and excruciating even, it was all worth the effort.”


Then one day the minister comes to you and says, “You should be loaded up with the absolution of the Holy Spirit, and talking in tongues.” One day in a help, the Holy Spirit was truly strong and that’s what he did and all of a sudden…. arghh!…a large stretch! What’s more, you even stretch in your mind simply attempting to get every one of your thoughts together about this astounding new involvement with God…arghh!


In any case, when it’s all over you contemplate internally, “Ah, presently I have tracked down Jesus Christ! Presently I am actually a Christian. Presently I can unwind and simply carry on with my life in harmony and calm.” But then one day your minister goes along and says, “I want individuals to accompany me into Tanzania to do mission.”


You put your hand up, “Hello! Take me! Take me!” So you go in the mission group and the mission extends you much more! You return and tell everyone, “This is the way things were in Tanzania! We strolled all over! What’s more, we got things done in the Holy Spirit that extended us all over the place! No doubt! It was so way cool. Also, individuals got saved, and mended, and the minister did this astounding liberation on one person out in the shrubbery. Gracious, God is great folks! Truly!”


However at that point later on, the Lord comes and murmurs in your heart saying, “Presently, I am calling you to become like a minister.” And you contemplate internally, “Ah, actually no, not me! No, I am no one!”


However, the Lord says, “I can do this in you. You can’t do this in your own solidarity, yet I can do it in you assuming you will extend significantly more.”


You consider the consequence in yourself, weighing up the entirety of your abilities and experience and information and making a respectable attempt to ignore every one of your inadequacies and you say, “Yet Lord, this is essentially as much stretch as I have!”


What’s more, the Lord says, “Gracious, no, no, no. I’m the person who is extending now. Assuming you will simply remain with Me, I will stretch and you will extend with me.”


You say, “OK God. I acknowledge, Lord. I’m currently going to be a shepherd. Alright, so transform me with the goal that I can take care of my sheep. Carry these sheep to me, Lord. Ready and waiting.”


Then, at that point, you are asking and you are imploring and the Lord is extending you into a spot where you never thought you had such a lot of stretch. You are truly turning into an individual of God now … a capable individual in the realm of paradise here on the planet. You have your own main goal to do, and you’re starting to make it happen.


You’re getting through the town and you’re seeing individuals who have no stretch and the brilliance of God goes onto you and you can now say, “Listen hear individuals, the Lord Jesus Christ can make you more prominent than you are. He can assist you with tackling your concerns and not misstep the same way later on. He can bring God’s brilliance into your life, and you can turn into an entirely different individual in him in the event that you’re willing.”


Presently you begin to work with the priest and you begin to work in all of the holy places, teaching and mending and afterward you make extraordinary leaps forward and the Lord extends you even more…even more…and even more…and right when you thought you had no stretch left in you, significantly more!


Then God takes you and he makes you into a wonderful resident. You’ve been doing a minister’s works on the planet however similarly as a saved person of the earth. Presently he extends you all over. So be it?


So be it! Greatness to God! What’s more, this is who we as a whole are, extended individuals of God, and brilliant residents now. Jesus can extend us to anyplace we need to be! He can take us anyplace. So be it? This is who we are becoming.


Presently we will discuss tracking down God. Since it is now so obvious that you can be extended to where you can track down God. Initially look for God. We don’t have any acquaintance with him, and we need to track down him. Then, at that point, we accept about God, we put stock in God. However at that point we choose to make Jesus the Lord of our life and we come to where we really track down God; and God likewise tracks down us. We know God, and we realize that he knows us by and by. Finding God is a most superb thing that can happen to us. However at that point what trails closely behind that will be that we begin to uncover God to others, similarly as Jesus uncovered the Father to us when he was on the earth among us. Uncovering God is the most astounding thing to do. Of the relative multitude of occupations we could browse on the planet, uncovering God to individuals is the most elevated work there is.


You show individuals by God’s power that they can be more than whatever they naturally suspect they are. God can transform every one of us into more and we can accomplish more than whatever we as of now accept.




Whenever I initially needed to find God myself, God drove me to one man. This man was an exceptionally uncommon man. He said that he had tracked down God. Not only God in the Word and adoring God, yet in himself he had been changed so God and he in his individual had the option to resemble a similar individual.


He would sit the entire day and he would sit throughout the evening. He was totally absorbed the world but he was not of it by any means. In the event that he didn’t eat, it didn’t make any difference to him. On the off chance that he didn’t drink, it didn’t make any difference to him. Assuming the mouse came and began to eat his toes, it didn’t make any difference to him. He was totally lost in God and was totally impartial in his body and the world.


I contemplated internally, “This is something awesome. How does a person encounter such a lot of closeness of God? This is only not the same as learning about God. This is being made into a Godly individual by God himself.”


Some of the time in our fantasies when we are dozing around evening time, God comes into our psyche and we feel that we are loaded up with God, isn’t that right? Then we get up in the first part of the day and we are somewhat conventional individual once more, however we realize God has contacted our brains some place.


At the point when we become Christians, we begin to comprehend that God can totally move into our self, thus I began to do what this man did. He let me know what he did to realize God like this.


He said, “I posed myself one inquiry. Whenever I was a youngster of fourteen, one of my uncles passed on and I went to the memorial service. Here was my uncle spread out for the memorial service and I was only a little fellow, simply watching. I posed myself the inquiry, ‘Would could it be that passes on? Where could the individual that kicks the bucket be?’


“I returned home to my home where I was remaining and I truly needed to know the response to this inquiry. So I set down on the floor and I paused my breathing until I could track down the response: ‘What was what planned to pass on?’


“I paused my breathing for just about around 50% of a moment and afterward something from inside me sprang forward and it appeared to fill the entire universe, and it was additionally loaded up with the presence of God.


“From that time onwards I find recently been sitting as one with this which I am in God. From that time on I just sat in harmony and God who was in me, and I who was in God, conquered all the world easily.”


Whenever he was about the age of 45 he created stomach disease and he passed on. Somebody came to him and said, “You have disease. Doesn’t it hurt you?”


He said, “No. Torment is only a tension.”


“Does it make a difference to you that you will bite the dust?” they inquired.

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