ObamaCare Is Not the End of Health Care in America

As the day of the health care apocalypse draws near (October 1, 2013), those for and against ObamaCare are looking for face time in the media. October 1, 2013 is when the state and federal marketplaces will open for business. I had to ask myself “will the American health care system come to a streaking halt caused by the millions of uninsured Americans crashing the marketplace servers and will those lucky enough to obtain health insurance grab all available appointments of health care providers”. For anyone fearing the end of health care as we know it, don’t worry; little, if anything will occur on October 1, 2013 to the average American. I can’t say the same thing for the folks at HHS and state capitals putting the system together. First the newly insured health insurance policies will not be put in place until January 1 2014. As for the big rush on the servers,

many believe the rush will take place later in the year. Americans are anticipated to take a wait and see attitude. osf my chart  Further, the amount of marketing and training dollars in the Affordable Care Act is not nearly enough to make a big splash. The health insurance companies will most likely be who is heard on the airwaves explaining their policies and trying to persuade the uninsured to choose them when they go to the health insurance marketplace. The easiest way to find out what are your policy options or the financial impact of ObamaCare is to go to healthcare.gov. Helthcare.gov will identify which programs or rebates that you and your family meet the qualifications. If your state has a state insurance exchange, healthcare.gov will direct you to your state insurance marketplace.

When the insurance marketplaces are open the media will portray it as a chaotic mess and they will probably be right. It will take some time to get things running smooth, but remember this. If you currently receive insurance from an employer with 50 or more employers nothing happens except for the expanded benefits you received with ObamaCare. Such as: your kids can stay on your insurance until 26, more paid healthcare services, no lifetime caps on insurance coverage, etc, etc. If you work for a smaller company, self employed or pay your own insurance nothing changes, but you should check out the health insurance marketplace (healthcare.com) and see if you qualify for a better policy or even a rebate. By the way if you qualify for a rebate don’t run to the mailbox looking for a check. The rebate goes to the insurance carrier to reduce your premium.

I hear the sighs from those who say my insurance is going up 150%. That could happen, but the CBO analysis of the law has determined that average premiums for individuals would be 10 percent to 13 percent higher because of the law. It will take a year or two to actually know the impact of the law. To get the best idea of future cost you have to look at Massachusetts. Massachusetts has the highest level of healthcare coverage in the country with more than 98 percent of its residents having health care insurance, but ranking as the 48th lowest state in the nation in healthcare expenditures.

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