The Peri’God’ of Mushrooms

A majority of people associate truffles with chocolate. This is far from the truth. Chocolates are good, but TRS are much better. A truffle is rare and edible mushroom, considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Truffles (TRS) are an odd looking bunch. The uninformed would mistake these gastronomic diamonds for stones because of their deceptive appearance. Through the ages gourmets and gourmands have lusted for this manna from heaven. It has been said that it would be better to suffer a famine rather than a shortage of truffles. TRS remain undomesticated in spite of hundreds of years of savoring its potency.

Truffles are symbiotic fungi that depend on particular plants and trees for their existence and are sensitive to the seasons. For example, the white TRS grow only in symbiosis with Oak, Poplar, psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale.  Hazel and Beech. There over a hundred varieties of TRS. The famous and well known varieties are the white truffle, black truffle, Chinese truffle and summer truffle. The weather and geological conditions dictate the species and the availability of TRS. Since each species of TRS depends on particular trees for existence and since the trees have their own set of metrological conditions, the growth of truffles is limited to regions presenting the perfect conditions. The white truffle is found in northern Italy and in some parts of Croatia. The best white TRS are said to come from the Piedmont region in Italy. The highest price paid for a white truffle was $330000 for a specimen weighing 1. 5 k. g.

The black truffle or the Perigord truffle as it is also know grows primarily in the Perigord region of France. The black truffle grows exclusively with Oak trees and come into season in winter. The Chinese truffle is also a black winter truffle but is considered inferior to the black truffle. Retailers often sell Chinese truffles injected with extracts the Perigord to cash in on the demand. Summer TRS are also black but season in summer and are found in central Europe, U. K, northern Italy and in some regions of Turkey and northern Africa. These truffles lack the strong aroma and taste of the Perigord and are used in culinary preparations.

The French are considered the foremost experts in the cultivation of TRS. They have developed the methods used today. The cultivation of truffles started when someone observed that the black truffles grew at the base of Oak trees. He then gathered acorns from these truffle producing oaks and planted over 7 hectares of these Oaks. These trees eventually produced a large crop of black TRS. This seems to be the only reliable method to cultivate truffles. But following this method does not guarantee a crop.

Sows and more recently dogs have been used to hunt for wild TRS. The aroma of the truffle is anywhere between earthy and intense depending on the variety. The aroma is said to be intoxicating and is reminiscent of garlic, shallots, hazelnut and chocolate. The truffle is also believed to be an aphrodisiac. Your first experience of a truffle will be intoxicating, unique, overwhelming and totally unforgettable. Choosing a truffle is difficult for a novice, so take someone experienced along.

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